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It doesn’t have to stop there!


Under the hood, this Retrobuilt 69 Fastback has been upgraded with a ProCharger Centrifugal Supercharger.

Customize your ride

The pricing on our “Vehicles” pages only includes the Retro look. But what if you want to go beyond that? We’ve got you covered! While pricing can vary per build, we are fully capable of handling additional modifications. From custom interiors to wheels and tires, superchargers to air-ride suspension, and everything in between, we can include it in your dream build. Contact us today to learn more about pricing and specifics.

A Little Extra “Get-Up-And-Go”

Many of our clients have us upgrade the performance of their “donor” when we retrofit it. The aftermarket is full of options. Superchargers or even nitrous can definitely add some extra HP. Or, even just installing new headers with a custom tune can completely change the sound and feel of the car. Suspension upgrades can also be a great option. After all, the better it rides, the better…..right?


Interior upgrades are a common request from our clients.

Best Of Both Worlds

One of the best things about a Retrobuilt Mustang is that even though it has the old look, it has all the new bells and whistles. There’s nothing quite like driving across the country in a Mustang that looks like a classic but drives and handles with the comfort and reliability of the modern era. Go ahead, hop in and drive. While you’re cruising use your Bluetooth, GPS, Power Seats, Power Windows, Track Mode, Eco-whatever, etc, etc….You get the point.

Vintage Outside, Modern Inside

Pictured above are some custom interiors we’ve installed in two of our Retrobuilt Mustangs. We can work with the client and their vision to produce a custom, one of a kind interior that really stands out. Often adding extra padding with the seat wraps, suddenly the interior becomes even more comfortable. With an almost endless amount of patterns, designs, colors, and material, there’s plenty of possibilities to get the gears in your head turning.


Give your Retrobuilt Mustang the right look with custom wheels & tires.

Custom Wheels & Tires

Nothing can make or break the look and feel of your new Retrobuilt Mustang more than the wheels and tires. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right looking setup for a modern Mustang. Through our partnerships, we have the ability to custom cut your wheels to the right size, and can implement custom tire lettering to have your tires say just about anything you want.