The Conversion.png

The donor begins it’s transformation!


The exterior is stripped from the donor Mustang, and the conversion is now underway.

The Exterior Is Removed

Once the “donor” car is in our shop, the transformation process can begin. We start by removing much of the existing body. The entire front clip is removed, as well as much of the back. The roof and front glass remain, while the back glass is removed. Some sections remain for structural integrity, which we blend our own body panels into. We take great care in maintaining all safety features and sensors on the donor car. When we’re done, you’re airbags, brakes, electrical components, etc. still work the same as they did before the retrofit.

A Careful Process

During this stage, the interior and various other components are removed and carefully cataloged for re-assembly once the retrofit process is complete. The engine bay is masked off, keeping it free and clean from dust. Prep work begins, which includes prepping the door for the new panels and vintage push handles. This process also includes prepping key mounting points, making clearance for new parts, and general inspection.


Our RETROBUILT panels are installed, giving the car a more classic look.

1000’s Of Hours In Design

Our prototype panels are made by taking original Mustang panels and cutting, notching, and stretching them to fit the modern frame. Once we build a prototype, we have molds cast from our panels. This helps us streamline the process for future builds. A lot of time goes into the prototyping of any model. But, from that point on, all future builds go very quickly. Our prep time is dramatically reduced, which helps us keep up with demand by having a faster turn-around time.


Taking The Time To Make It Right

At Retrobuilt, we strive to never take shortcuts just to meet a deadline. We’d rather confront the client with the issue at hand and work to get it right, whatever it takes. We quote our builds for 120-180 days until completion. This gives us time to make sure that our other clients needs are being met, while also allowing for proper quality control. This range of extra time with the car allows us to get it “just right”.

Custom Paint Included

Our Retrobuilt Mustangs come with a custom paint job included in the package price. Our paint specialist can color match any paint code to bring to life the color our clients dream up. We don’t cheap out with the number of coats either. All Retrobuilt Mustangs come with multiple coats of paint, followed by several layers of clear coat. The end result is a very deep color that can pop in any light, and has room to be buffed and cleaned to perfection.